Inland Transportation and Line Haul Services

UNITRANS LINE-HAUL EXPERTISE SUPPORTS CUSTOMERS AND THEIR PROJECTS ACROSS THE GLOBE. Our Line-Haul team has developed a strong presence in Afghanistan, Africa and most significantly within Iraq. UniTrans has provided logistics and trucking services to contractors working on major construction and supply contracts.

We have developed our own systems to schedule pick-ups, plan routes and mobilize convoys with private or US security. We have dispatched tens of thousands of truckloads of varying sizes and capacities from different entry points into and within Iraq. UniTrans specializes in transporting rolling stock, construction material and equipment as well as US military vehicles, equipment and parts. UniTrans provides:

  • Up to 500 truck dispatches per day
  • Strong safety record with minimal incidents
  • Supply chain management
  • GPS cargo and truck movement tracking capabilities
  • Maintenance and upgrades

Line-Haul Services