UniTrans International, LLC. and Wared Logistics Announces its Exclusive Partnership

UniTrans International, LLC. and Wared Logistics are pleased to announce that the two companies have entered into an exclusive partnership to address the supply chain needs of clients doing business between the United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The alliance enables UniTrans and Wared to offer unparalleled service and turnkey trade and project solutions to customers with finance, supply chain, logistics, warehousing and distribution needs arising from trade between the U.S. and Saudi.

"We are very excited about our partnership with Wared, whose group of companies have a long and successful history as well as a significant presence and logistics assets on the ground in Saudi Arabia," said Mazen Farouki, president of UniTrans. "We believe as the growth in trade between the U.S. and Saudi continues to accelerate our combined capabilities and resources will make us the go-to provider for customers sending products and equipment between the two countries."

"Our alliance with UniTrans addresses a significant market need," said Marwan Alfadl, Chief Executive Officer of Wared. "We can work with our customers to improve the experience and efficiency of their supply chains through our combined and door-to-door solutions which we are confident will meet, if not exceed, our clients' expectations."

About Unitrans International

Headquartered in the United States, UniTrans designs and implements multi-modal integrated solutions to efficiently transport cargo to new and existing markets for commercial and Government clients. UniTrans delivers solutions to some of the most demanding, remote and dangerous corners of the world. For over 30 years, our experienced team has provided logistics for highly intricate transportation needs from procurement to delivery at the final destination. UniTrans has a high caliber Operations Team with excellent resources to provide customized transportation solutions.

About Wared Logistics

Based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Wared Logistics is a leading 3PL provider with a full-service transportation network, LTL, express packages, container importation and brokerage operation, and Logistics Hubs in key distribution centers within the Middle East and North Africa with multi-temperature warehouses, cold supply chain, container storage, tractor/trailer yards and maintenance facilities. Supported by advanced supply chain technologies and operational business processes employing industry best practices, Wared offers its customers efficient logistical solutions. Wared Logistics' customer base includes leading regional corporations and MNC's (including global logistics providers), covering a broad range of industries such as automotive, branded apparel, construction equipment and materials, electronics, foodstuffs, manufacturing, and downstream oil & gas products.

UniTrans named 4* carrier by Surface Distribution and Deployment Command

UniTrans International,LLC became Surface Distribution and Deployment Command (SDDC) certified in November 2008. SDDC certification enables UniTrans to compete under the agency's Global Freight Management (GFM) program. GFM is a contract vehicle in which qualified carriers compete for multiple awards of ground transportation of cargo, either inter- and intra-theatre - in this case for Iraq and surrounding countries. The activity is referred to as the GFM spot bid process. SDDC utilizes "Best Value" criteria to award these spot bids for transportation service.

UniTrans has been awarded and successfully completed over 30 spot bids. These moves have comprised the transportation of military equipment, rolling stock and some CLASS V materials. UniTrans was the first carrier to receive an award in the Iraq Theater of Operation; starting from the inception of the GFM program under the 840th Battalion. Just after completing the initial missions, the 840th Transportation Battalion rated UniTrans as a "four star carrier" due to stellar customer service and responsiveness.


Joint Contracting Command of Iraq-Afghanistan Company

In September 2007, the Joint Contracting Command of Iraq-Afghanistan Company awarded the Strategic Supply Chain Management and Distribution System Contract to ANHAM and it's subcontractor UniTrans. This contract, with extensions lasting through 2010, requires UniTrans to operate and maintain two geographically separated (Baghdad North/Abu Gharaib and the Port of Umm Qasr) Wholesale Distribution Center Warehouse and Staging Areas, comprising approximately 1.5 million square feet of storage. The entire supply chain warehouse system includes 45 different warehouse locations for material distribution and associated vehicle staging areas. Our personnel handle the loading and unloading of 400 to 500 trucks per day at the warehouse facilities under our control. We receive incoming materials, store and track inventory, and provide follow-on distribution throughout the country. Total throughput for the warehouse network is valued at approximately $12 Billion.